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Welcome to the EE-and batteryregistry, a database for producers of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. The registry is administered by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A producer shall register and report to the EPA via the database according to the Swedish Ordinances on producer responsibility of WEEE and batteries, implementation of the following directives:

Annually, by March 31, sold, collected and treated quantities of electrical and electronic equipment and/or batteries shall be reported to the Swedish EPA.

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Guides to the registry

How to register and report.

Guidance and information on our main website

From June 2016, guidance and information on laws and regulations related to the producer responsibilities above, are relocated to the Swedish EPA main website. Most of the guidance is presently avaliable only in Swedish.

The database and guidance related to the registry is still to be found here on the EEB website.

Producer responsibility on batteries

Producer responsibility on electrical and electronic equipment


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